Frequently Asked Questions

Umm, What Is Axe Throwing?

Axe Throwing is an activity that has been around for a very long time! It has always had some sport associated with it and has become a growing activity worldwide in the last several years. To learn more....go to

Is It Dangerous?

Yes! So dangerous that kids 8 years old and up are the only ones allowed to participate! Just Kidding! It can be if you are not paying attention, dont follow the rules and try to make it dangerous. It is equated to bowling and throwing darts! It is so rare that people get injured, even when drinking.

What Are The Age Requirements?

For Daily Play: 12 years old and older. If under 18, must have someone over 21 years old sign a waiver and participate with the minor. Family Nights: 8 years old and older may use real axes, with an adult over 21. Also on family nights, kids of any age may participate in our kid friendly game of axe throwing (velcro axes).

Do I Have To Sign A Waiver?

Yup! This obviously has some inherant risk to it, although historically very safe to participate in. As such, the lawyers and insurance compaines require a waiver from all individuals over the age of 18 stating they will follow the rules and not be stupid!

Do You Serve Alcohol?

As of Janurary 1st 2021 we are still pending our liquor license and will not be selling any alcoholic beverafges until that license is in hand and active.

Are Reservations Required?

Not Required, Highly Sugessted. Axe Throwing is a highly popular activity and we believe we offer an exciting venue to particiapte at. As a result, we try to keep a few lanes open for walk-ins, however suggest booking your date and time on our website (CLICK HERE).

How Many People Can Play?

As many as we can legally fit in our venue! We do not allow more than four (4) people in any one lane at a time. We have several single lanes (up to 4 people) and several double lanes (up to 8 people). You can book mulitple lanes for parties of (nearly) any size. We also offer party and event packages (CLICK HERE).