We Are Now Offering A Youth Axe Throwing Camp

Open To Ages 8 - 16 - Saturday Mornings 10am to 12pm - April 9th - 23rd

Only $79 Per Person - 10% Off Siblings

Youth Camp Info.png


For Ages 8 - 16

3 Saturdays 10am to 12pm

Tournament On Last Day

April 9th - 23rd, 2022

Only $79  Per Person

10% Off For Siblings

Incl. All Axes & T-Shirt

Entire Family Also Gets 20% Off The Whole Month For Practice & Play Outside Of Camp.

What They Learn

How To Throw Axes

Axe Maintenance


New Activity

Confidence & Respect

The first thing that comes to mind when people hear axe throwing is big bearded men or Vikings. This couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to the world of competitive axe throwing that we know.  This is a sport of skill, not of athleticism or strength.  Safety is another topic that comes to mind when you hear axe throwing. Despite sounding dangerous, it is actually quite safe. Sure there is danger, but there is danger in everything. 


You may be an old dog that can’t learn new tricks, but not your kids. All they do is absorb information all day. They are used to taking instruction. To listen. Even if they are playing video games, they are learning where in the game a bad guy is, or where that warp zone is hidden. Trying new things is almost a daily occurrence. The ability to learn is key to forming a great player.



Let’s be honest. As an adult, what part of your childhood do you look back on and long for? Your answer is probably all of the fun things. Playing with your friends. Riding your bikes. Playing wall ball or hide and seek. Playing games and being outside was what we did. We learned how to play games from our friends. Today’s kids have different friends. Friends who only know how to find videos on YouTube or play Fortnite or Minecraft. You can change that.

Parents need to introduce their kids to physical activities and sports. These sports can also become extremely time consuming and expensive. Not Axe Throwing. Equipment is included and the cost is only $79 per child. Not many sports I can think of that you can get into at this price.


Although unconventional, axe throwing IS an actual sport. Many of the tournaments being held have 4 and 5 digit prize pools with many ways to win. The big year end championship tournament known as the IATC is a $50K prize pool. The sport is aired on ESPN several times a year. Many of the players seen on TV even have sponsorships by large companies. Everyone in this sport is supportive of the other players and is willing to help other learn. It is almost a badge of honor to have given another player tips on improving their throws to get them good enough to beat the person who taught them.

Being an individual sport (and sometimes a team sport) allows the player to grow at their own pace. With the youth axe throwing camp, we see this as a very important aspect. No child is the same as their friend or sibling. No child should be forced to progress faster than they are ready for. Axe throwing gives them the opportunity to develop at their own pace. Faster or slower. They just need the chance.